Company principles

The Simon Group commits itself to being a good and reliable partner to its customers, suppliers, employees, legislative authorities, neighbours and the environment. Simon maintains an open and direct communication.

This means in detail:

  • We strive to permanent and cooperative relationships with our customers, suppliers, authorities and neighbors and integrate them accordingly. We foster open and direct communication
  • We are committed to comply with all relevant laws and requirements
  • We improve our integrated Management System continuously, including the resulting products and processes and provide the needed resources available
  • We contribute that motivation and qualification of our employees is constantly promoted
  • The zero-defect strategy determines our actions and thinking
  • We avoid garbage, emissions and wastes wherever possible
  • We use raw materials and energy dutiful and resource saving and use energy- efficient technologies and services.
  • Disfunction on the product and process we fix forceful and sustainable
  • We only sell high quality products we want satisfied customers
  • We all contribute to the security of our company and our jobs
  • We think and act quality-, environmental- and energy-conscious
  • We want to be best-in-class

These points get incorporated into our corporate goals and get constantly improved in the interest of efficient, profitable corporate development.

The management team sees it as a duty and a challenge to question existing procedures and to work out forward-looking solutions through continual improvement.

For the Simon Group adherence to all relevant laws and regulations is a commitment that goes without saying.

Simon Group management undertakes to provide all necessary assistance to enable this to be achieved.

Aichhalden, 23/05/2014

Dr.-Ing, MBA Frank Thiele

Simon Company Group